Again How can I download Monkey zone succesfully.thanks

I get confused what should I fill in the blanks>>



after I paste the “” in the Repository URL:(the first blank)

I’m not sure what program you’re using, try with username and password being blank.

I’m using commandline svn, and it doesn’t require any password or anything.

I figured it out ,anyway thanks.

do u know the username when the monkeyzone game is initiating?

I tried it with “Normen”(I see it from the original vedio) but can not connect

Sounds like you you only started the client and not the server. Make sure you start the server before starting the client. So you simply have to select the “server” run configuration in the toolbar of the jMonkeyEngine SDK and run it. After that switch to “client” run config and run the client. Works for me.