AI following a spatial on the map

Hello, i’m new to jme3 and still learning, so I excuse myself if my question can be kinda silly. My problem is that i am trying to make a spatial follow another one around the map. The problem is that i cannot make it follow him “naturally”. For naturally i mean just gettin close and waiting there. Instead, having more than one spatials following, they stack in the same point of the map. I don’t know if it is usefull to post the code here, mostly because the spatials are very banal, the only interesting part cuold be the line that makes the spatials moove:
[java]bot.get(i).getForma().move((rootNode.getChild(“Box”).getLocalTranslation().x-bot.get(i).getForma().getLocalTranslation().x)*tpf , 0, (rootNode.getChild(“Box”).getLocalTranslation().z-bot.get(i).getForma().getLocalTranslation().z)*tpf);[/java]

Thank you for the help, and great job with the engine by the way.