AI for Turn-Based Strategy game

Hey everyone, I’m going to be implementing AI into our turn-based strategy game. From what I’ve seen of this project, it looks like this is built with a real-time aspect in mind (pathfinding, ray-cast detection, etc). Should I delve deeper into it’s application for turn-based games, or implement my own solution? I was planning on the latter, but if this library would help… I wouldn’t be against saving myself the time :wink:

I dont know much about monkey brains, but from my understanding of it isn’t really meant for “board games”. Board game ai isnt generally written using a finite state machine.

Some keywords to start googling to get you going (different types of ai algorithms suited for different kinds of games)

Minimax, Alpha Beta Pruning, Monte Carlo, Monte Carlo Tree Search.

Writing ai for tic tac toe using the mini max algorithm is a great starting point to understand the others, and you could probably knock that out in a day…

You can use MonkeyBrains for implementing turn-based strategy game, as it is meant as general AI framework, but for now it doesn’t have any features for turn-based strategy game, nor it is planed to be made soon. If you plan to implement it yourself, you can consider to make behaviours appropriate for turn-based games, and then that behaviours can go to MonkeyBrains project. :smiley:

Cool, thanks for the info. Looks like those solutions, or some unique flavor of them, will do the trick. Hard part is incorporating all of the random aspects of our game into it, since it’s very complex, but hey if it was easy it wouldn’t be fun :slight_smile:

@devinp52 said: if it was easy it wouldn't be fun :)

I thought that was my unique motto. :slight_smile: