AI in my game. how/where to download atom framework

how to download atom framework?
i want to move my characters in my game like a real person is playing, i know NavMesh but it’s not what i want exactly.i tried to download it to use it but there is no specific jars to use it in the internet or in jme documentation.

i downloaded the source but don’t know what to do now .

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I mean that’s a wall of text right there. At the risk of sounding like I’m not helping, I think your first port of call should be to get your environment set up first and run a hello world example. Then go from there.

I don’t know what your setup is, but gradle is highly (nigh on required) recommended.


Oh wow, you made may day!

Start with

Then there’s a summary of your life without any punctuation for panicking the reader, and finally

Not sure if:

  1. you want to code

  2. you want to play

  3. you want to troll

  4. you are clueless about 1, 2 and 3

Nice avatar though

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thanks for your notes :slight_smile: .
i want to learn from immortals code, and i want to play the game to understand what a specific code do. Thanks :slight_smile:

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Check the ‘How to get answers’ link in the menu. I think you have to improve just about everything in how you post, before you will get any answers.

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My friend, if you dont even know how to put a triangle or two into a scene and rotate it, im quite certain you do not “just want to do” anything other than start at the beginning - just like any other journey. If you truly are interested, please do read the tutorials.

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Are you sure he understands anything we’re saying at all though? I’m getting a very google translator vibe here.

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Rami is a Finnish name, also. You can use Finnish straight if you speak it. I can do a better job than Google :slight_smile: Käytä suomea…


No it’s arabic name :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and i will explain my problem in arabic if you can understand it :smiley:

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really is that a name?
RAMI is a bad word in our culture .:joy:

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I was planning on removing all references to this from the wiki. I was going to zip everything up and dump it somewhere for storage. Just in case whoever wrote it decided to clean this stuff up. It was responsible for hundreds of errors in the github logs.

Does anyone recommend that I leave it in?

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Is there such a thing as deprecation in the wiki?

It would be nice to have documentation for all IDE’s. Then again, spix should solve that in time. This is probably the second time iv come across a thread about it in years.