AI library docs

Hello JME Community!!! At firs, i want to say thanks for this great game engine.
Now I make the game, and i need pathfindion algoritm. It is not a problem, but i don’t want to create new bicycle (It’s a russian phrase). Because of this i have a question:
Does JME have some AI libraries for pathfinding?
I found only “jme3-libraries-ai” library , but i could not find documentation for this. Probably you have a raffer to documentation of this library?

Sorry about my English, and about this a little stupid question.

Thanks for answers.

The AI library just has some steering code at the moment. However some great folks are working on improving the library
Pathfinding, however, will always need a little bit of work from you. Mostly with deciding if you are going to use a nav mesh, a grid, or something else. Once you have those, using an A* algorithm will find you the path. There are many A* java implementations out there, but unfortunately none in JME. It would be easy to copy one in, just haven’t done it.

Thanks, you gave the important information.