AI wiki code up for cri·tique

I have uploaded the code I am planning on using in the wiki for the AI tutorial for examination.

I am soliciting input for any problems found, something that is not compatible with the jmonkey recommended practices, or suggestions on improving it before I finish the tutorial.

You need 3 things to run it,

Maybe I’m just not seeing it but is there perhaps a guide or something specific to look at beyond testing your code implementation? I’m very interested in doing AI eventually for my game but thus far it looks like from those links that it’s a “You need these packages… good luck!” sorta dealie.

If you have those libraries, all you need to do is build it and run it but yes this is intended just for testing before I use the code to finish the wiki part of jme3AI.

That’s where I will go into detail on its use.

The code is intended to demonstrate the use of some medium and advanced topics used in the wiki at the same time like how to use AppStates, Controls, Animations for example.

If you add those libraries and it doesn’t compile without any errors, I need to know.

If you think there is a better way to demonstrate the use of the other topics in the wiki I need to know that to.

If this code doesn’t adhere to best practices I need to know.

Edit: I should mention that its not mandatory to install the libraries and compile it to give input, just reading the code is all that’s needed to point out problems.

To create a library,

Download the latest releases for jMonkeyAI, criteria, jme3-artificial-intelligence.

Create a new Java>Class Library project for criteria, jme3-artificial-intelligence, if using the SDK or Netbeans. Anything else your on your own.

Create a new basic jme3 game for jMonkeyAI.
Delete the myGame folder from the jMonkeyAI basic game you just created.
RMB select the jMonkeyAI basic game project then select, Set Configuration>Customize>Sources and change source to JDK8.

Select the com folder of each zipped file, jMonkeyAI, jme-artificial-intelligence, and org folder forCritterAI, and extract each into its respective project src folder.

For the jme3-artificial-intelligence library add the jme3-core library by RMB selecting library folder>add library.

Clean and build the criteria, jme3-artificial-intelligence libraries.
You will now have a jar available in the dist folder of each library project.

Follow these instructions for making a global library for criteria and jme3-artificial-intelligence,

Add each library plus jme3-test-data to the jMonkeyAI project by RMB selecting the library folder and then add library.

Clean and build the jMonkeyAI project.
The first time you run the project it will ask you to set a main class, select Jme3AI.