"aidan" messing with wiki

Some **** added links to several money making sites to the wiki… Is there a way to remove all changes made by one person?

Ok, I think this should be done. I changed all pages back.

Deleted the user and all of the changes made by them.  (The only way to do it AFAIK is to click old revisions on the bottom of the page, select the prior version, and click 'edit this page' followed by save)

EDIT:  Normen, I think we just made a disturbance in the universe fixing it at the same time.

I did so, but it seems the changes weren't saved… I thought I removed it but its still in…

aye, I see this as well :(  I don't have time to edit all the pages right now but will check back later in the day and fix any still outstanding

fixing above links right now


all done