All disappear using StandardGame at a certain distance, frustum far has no influ

Hi, even if I increased the frustum far distance of the camera, all objects disappear at a certain distance, about 3000 units.

Pratically from about 2000 units all far objects are "visible", but after passed 3000 units all disappear. What's the matter? 

I had a similar problem when I had a space with only a few objects in the middle. When the camera moved away too far from the middle, everything went black. When I put an object to where the "far point" of the camera was, all worked well…

It seemed to me like only objects, not the camera defined the "space" in which the camera can see. Do you move the cam or the object?

What did you set your far frustum and near frustum to?

If you set your near too low it can cause problems with the z-buffer and also if you put your far too high.

There can also be a problem when your camera and objects are at coordinates that are really high, because of rounding errors (not at 3000 though).

Hmm, I suppose it could also be a skybox getting in the way if things are set up wrong.