All/intro.xml missing


the jme3test.niftygui examples keep crashing, stating that “all/intro.xml” is missing.
I guess that’s the file from the old complex nifty demo.

Is the problem that nobody’s updating it to keep up with newer versions of nifty?
If not, then why not leave it in the testdata jar? Are the needed assets too large?


I’ve experienced another missing file, this time it’s “”.


In these two demo programs this file is referenced but not found.
I looked in all 3 locations where jME code is, but couldn’t locate the file.

As far as i know the intor was trown out because it is to large, you can get that from the nifty website.
The quakelevel should be existing, are you using the jme sdk? Or a misconfigured eclipse by any chance?

I’m using the SDK. I’ve unpacked the test-data.jar and core.jar but couldn’t find it. Can you give me a direct link?

Okay, I will search the nifty page and try to find the correct place where to put this .xml file. Should not be an unsolvable problem.

I don’t use Eclipse anymore - I had used it for years, then parallel with Netbeans, and now Netbeans only. jME SDK is a very valid argument for switching. :slight_smile: