Alpha-3 around the corner, new jMonkeyEngine3 promo video

Hey monkeys,

Alpha-3 is just around the corner and heres a new video for the release, have fun!



Alpha-3 is a new release of the SDK with all the latest jME3 improvements and jMP plugins. And a tag in svn :slight_smile:

Nice promo video.

Alpha 3 is a snapshot of the nightly builds?

oh, nice looks pretty nice and well done trailer.

As an objective view though, it looks mostly impressive and showcases jME3 nice. Only thing that stands out from the nice quality is the walking alien and green ball at 0:42 and 1:07. That part looks really dated and poor. Maybe a nicer model with a better walk cycle will look better and the green ball could use some lighting and smoothness.

Overall though pretty nice.

wow, really nice. You guys rock!

@faust: Yeah, good assets that are prepared well would be awesome, it seems to be hard to get anybody to deliver such stuff however :smiley: Its all just footage from the jME3 Tests, anybody is welcome to improve them :wink: The planet is a nice contribution from @jiyarza and also the BrickWall test is a contribution. The Golem is really more of a showcase of physics than graphics, I think for ppl using jME it will give a good hint at Terrain with physics etc. And until the video for beta/release we still have time to get some assets together, I hope :slight_smile:

Love the new promotion video :wink:

The outro remembers me on mass effect xD