Alpha Blending Issue

Hey Guys,
I have two way currently to implement humans into my scene
a) Collada → Blender → j3o (This removes the Transperancy in blender and I have to readd it (It’s a blender bug))
b) mhx → Blender → j3o (This seems to mess up alpha).

My Problem simply is, that some Geometries look like this.
I am not putting them in any translucent Bucket or setting any Alpha states, just importing.

Does anyone know what to do?

Edit: After doing some research I tried to fix stuff.
The BlenderImporter automatically setted the BlendMode to Alpha.
I changed everything to be in the Transparent Bucket.

Unfortunately the problem remains, even when disabling depth write.

What if you set the blend mode to none?
Also maybe you want to change your texture so that you don’t have an alpha channel, if you don’t need it.

That’s it! :smile:
Changing it to none solves the Problem.
The thing is that all the textures and modeling is handled by MakeHuman.

And: I need that Alpha for the Eyebrows, Hairs, Eyelashes, etc.
So I guess I need to set the AlphaMode to None for all the geometries not intended to be Transparent?

(I wonder why MakeHuman is not setting the alpha to 0xFF though).
Should I change that BlendMode by simply traversing the Scene Graph once on load or rather use the j3m files therefor?

My Problem is I don’t have MaterialFiles as of yet (they are inside of the j3o somehow) and it would require me to generate them for multiple files and geometries.

Somehow other geometries become black when I use BlendMode.None :frowning:
Or completely look-through.
I wonder why it matters how the data is imported into blender for the j3o.