Alpha buffer support

Hello All,

I am looking for an engine that can faithfully render multiple overlapping and intersecting translucent polygons.

Does anyone know if JME will handle this sort of scenario via an Alpha Buffer or its own Depth Sorter?

In the past, I have used JOGL but I had to depth sort the translucent triangles and then render them back to front.

Thanks for any help!

jME will properly depth sort translucent meshes.  It can also handle properly drawing front facing and backfacing individually to avoid ordering issues at the mesh level (see TestRenderQueue)  What it can't do is smartly break apart meshes based upon your current viewing angle so that multiple intertwined translucent meshes will render correctly.  As this is view dependent, or would require rendering individual triangles, it would not likely be performant enough to be handled in a generic manner.