Android "alpha" - when does it come?


I know you have a lot to do and there have been questions here when to estimate the first alpha,

but - do you can estimate when the first "alpha" version is in the repository so the people are able to start developing ?

I don't mean  a full working version with all features in …

I like to know because I want to start developing in the next weeks und as far as I can see there are only two 3D engines for the android plattfrom so far.

  1. jme3


    I like start with jme3 because I like it more but jpct has a stable state



There's been a setback because of lack of tools, documentation and hardware. Android is still on the table, but unfortunately the next couple of months don't look promising.

If you want to make a (3D) game for Android, I'd recommend either seeing what you can make of what's already in the current jME3 alpha, or just find some general Android game tutorials that help you make your game from scratch.

There is also a GPLed project called min3D which may be of interest to you.

I don’t think it’s as fully featured as JME though.

Check out their demo app on Android Market. Just search for ‘min3d’.

It's been moved to a separate thread, but Ardor3D has Android support as well: