Android Direct illumination PBR Material

I tried to implement the PBR material on Android.

At present, the direct light part works normally. But the indirect lighting is abnormal.

I use environment camera to create prefenvmap and iradiancemap for PBR materials. But the FBO reported an error. I’m trying something else.
Direct illumination:


If someone has tried to write PBR material of mobile platform before. I hope I can get some help. Thank you.:+1:

Why not using JME’s PBRLighting material?

JME’s PBRLighting now works on Android. Thanks to @joliver82

If you want to give it a try you can build the engine from the master branch or wait for 3.3.0-beta1 release.

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Thank you,I use version 3.2.4. This version of the PBR material reports an error on Android.:+1: