Android Game: Maze Puzzle (1 week dev time)

Well can you believe it. This past weekend I finished my second game for android made with my own game editor, which is build on jME.

If you have the time and you feel ready for a challenge, can I ask you to go download this game, give it a try and please if possible some feedback would be amazing.



I gave it a brief play and didn’t find any issues. I don’t usually play mobile games anymore and have a low attention span for them, so I’m likely not the target audience, but this was an interesting one that I could see myself potentially replaying when I’m bored on my phone somewhere.

At first I thought it was just a simple maze game, but the dark-out effect once you start tracing definitely makes it more challenging and fun, I actually had to focus to beat some of the levels and it doesn’t feel too mindless like many mobile games do. Great work!


Awesome, thanks for the feedback.
If possible, would you please review it on the play store, you can even just copy and paste the above comment in there.
That will help my game in the google algorithm, you know how it goes. :slight_smile:


Hi, I also gave it a go and had no in game technical difficulties. The dark maze thing is an interesting idea, i dont think I’ve seen that type of game before. Its also finished to a high standard; I liked all the movement in the menus.

I did feel it went a little hard on the adverts. On the later levels (when i was losing quite a lot) I saw a lot of adverts because every time I lost it produced an advert. Maybe worth capping the number of adverts shown so that when people are repeatedly failing a level they dont see multiple ads per minute

When i tried to play it the second time i did get this

Not sure if thats a bug or a hostile advert. Clicking both yes and no opened the advert (with no obvious close button). In the end I quit the application and it didnt come back on restart


Sorry for all the ads. I am using Admob and it is not suppose to do that.
I did realize that the ads are shown differently per device.
On my device and my daughter’s, it functions as it setup to be, I have adjusted the ad capping, to only show 1 impression every 3 minutes.
I don’t understand why there are so many.

ALSO, if you fail 5 times on a level, you will get a rewards button to watch a video for assistance.
Did you get that?


Yes, 1 every 3 minutes sounds a lot more reasonable! Let me know if you make any changes and want me to retest (not sure if that is a new app version or a remote settings, it is currently still an ad every failure)

Yes, the watch an ad for a hint worked well. Changing it to a fading maze