Android in Gradle based 3.1.0-stable project

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Is there documentation somewhere that explains how to setup android in an existing gradle based project? The wiki only seems to refer to using the sdk to set everything up. I was thinking of putting the android project into its own subfolder so that it can be independently opened in android studio. But Im not sure how to go about setting this up.

I made a boilerplate for JME games on Android: GitHub - aegroto/JMEAndroidTemplate: Android JMonkey Engine project template using Gradle
It can be used as a scaffholder using Bootmonkey - bootstrap your JME project

You can create a new Android project using this template and then copy your current sources or anything you want into it.


So in this project, how would you manage both android and desktop projects? Would this not require the desktop version to be developed in Android Studio as well?

You have a “game” project that you can run on PC and a root project that will run the game on an Android Fragment.

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Works perfectly!! Thanks guys :smiley:

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