Android Render Issue - Black parts overwriting the current render

Hey monkey,
I was trying to write a little football android app and ran into the following render issue:

Scene with stadion model:

Notice that it kinda seems to overwrite the current redner at the black parts. So it should be something renderer related, I tried changing the eglConfigType attribute in the Actvity class, but it didn’t help. :frowning:

I’m testing on a Motorola Moto G (Android 4.2.2) and didn’t change anything in the generated Manifest and Activity files.

destro :slight_smile:

It appears that this issue is related to NiftyGUI - If i deactive it, the stadion renders correct.
I’ll update this topic if I can fix it in case another person runs into this problem.

Ok, my fault was: I was using an own viewport for NiftyGUI since I needed that in my last project:
[java]viewPort = mainApplication.getRenderManager().createPostView(“niftygui”, mainApplication.getGuiViewPort().getCamera().clone());
viewPort.setClearFlags(false, false, false);[/java]

While this works on desktop, it doesn’t on Android - I’m currently using the default way to “add” the niftydisplay:

I’ll close this topic but don’t delete it since it could help someone with the same issue in the future. :slight_smile: