Android test project

Hello Monkeys, I’m sharing a w.i.p project for android here and its assets for testing in source and binary files. ( includes a few other assets also, one of which is a 4 way direction visual control pad ).

Currently the only control I have working atm is on tap event for moving the vehicle. Tapping will move the vehicle forward.

I’m opening this up hoping it’ll help in some way to either get some started on android projects, or others to help out with setting up a better / more advanced controls. So it’s basically a w.i.p test case. I like the idea of using android scroll events for possibly turning the vehicle. But atm I’m extremely busy and don’t have the time to work on this much.

Project Files: Here.

Android binary Files: Here.

currently the test project runs on my android razor at a steady 58-60 fps.

Android version:


Kernel version: #2

Model number:


System version:



Can’t edit first post, but to enable the control pad visual elements just uncomment line # 113 //controlKeys();

They weren’t rendering on my droid after installing in debug mode, but were in a pc render. Or a pc cable to phone render.