I wanted to make some games for android so I downloaded the Android plugin in jme3 but when I start a project it wants Android SDK. Should I also download Android SDK or is there a plugin for that in jme3?

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k i have just solved the above problem but now there is a new one. The package naming is not being accepted. It says that the package naming should be two parts like “Android Bug”. I tried that but it keeps on saying “Package name is invalid”.

i think it should be separated by a period, Android.Bug

k I have fixed that too. Just had to write ‘’ in the package naming.

Now there is another problem. After making the android project i just wanted to run it to be sure if its working properly but it doesnt.

This is the warning that i get:

invalid command-line parameter: Files.

Hint: use ‘@foo’ to launch a virtual device named ‘foo’.

please use -help for more information

I will try to find a fix on this but any help will be appreciated.