Animating multiple Trimeshes

I have a model that has its body parts broken into several TriMeshes.

I want to animate the model with a KeyFrameController but I dont want to

have to assign a controller to each Trimesh.

Is there a way I can do this?

ps. If I were to convert the model into 1 solid Mesh I could solve this problem but will need the body parts seperate in order to detect collissions

at the bodypart level.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated

I’ve managed to setup my animation with the model being subdived into

6 Trimeshes. I have a KeyFrame controller for each Trimesh. It seems to work very well this way and doesnt seem to have as much overhead as I thought so I’m gonna roll with but if any one has some

better ways I could be doing this let me know.


Have you looked at the jmetest.intersection.TestPick and the model that belongs to it? I think it could solve your problems.

Hope it helps