Animation blending question

I going to try to break this down as clearly as I can

I have several groups of animations that all do the same thing except for a slight difference for example several copies of the same walk cycle with arms posed differently

is possible to blend an animation such that

if animation A is 5 seconds long and has run for 2 seconds and Animation B is called it starts at the point where A blends out at 2.1 seconds let’s say

also is there things to do to keep these similar animations in sync if run on different channels

The AnimChannel.setAnim() method takes a blend time argument, you can use it to transition from one animation to another.

To synchronize animations, you can use the AnimChannel.getTime() and setTime() methods. The AnimEventListener will tell you when an animation cycle is complete so you can take certain actions on it.

thanks I’ll try that , did try something quick and dirty with getTime …didn’t seem to work…but I think I know where my error might have been thanks