Animation is Disfigured Trouble

I am having a problem with importing animated blender models (which are thus converted to .j3o, or any animated model) into the engine. I can successfully import the model, but when I call the animation, it looks disfigured and strange. I have spent around a week trying to solve this problem, but to no success.
This is what I did to add the model:

  1. I created the model in sketchup, then exported it in .obj format to blender.
  2. From there, I animated the model, and added a root bone. At this stage, the animation played out fine.
  3. I then exported the model to a .xml file.
  4. I added the model to the game. Remember, the animation still plays, but there are joints and the model is disfigured.

I am 99.9% confident that I added the model to the game properly. Instead, I must of done something incorrect in blender.
I really hope that the solution is something relatively simple. Also, if anyone wants to figure out what is wrong with the model, here is the .blend file… For reference, the animation is called “Tailwag”.
Cheers ahead of time, for any input that will help me solve this problem. I guarantee that my low level of experience with blender is to blame.

Have you applied trasformations with CTRL+A in blender?

I believe so. Here is a gif of the basic animation in blender.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Any other ideas?

I also found that my problem is similar to the one posted in this thread.
However, I was not able to find a working solution for my model in the thread.

In the model you have provided in the link there isn’t any root bone ( that must be placed at POS(0,0,0) ) and you haven’t applied the transformations neither to the armature nor to the model.
This should be useful ->