Animation issue

I’ve created a simple animation in blender

but it looks weird in jme

I’ve also tried to download free model with animation, none of them works properly =(
What am I doing wrong? How can I fix it?

i belive its about blender still having other transform than exported one

select objects in blender(armature too), do:
apply location/rotation/scale → do for all

also if you will post issue thread next time, provide more information, like “what exporter you use” “what jme version” “how you exactly use it”

thanks, it helped.
just loaded model from blend file, jme 3.2.2-stable

please note, blender exporter can be unstable (because each blender version can work different).

IMO Best exporter is .gltf (you can do .j3o file same way in IDE - 2-click → make .j3o)

im using blender 2.8 (it have nice features like in video below)

.gltf exporter export animations / material (you dont even need setup materials later in JME/IDE) and is universal.

blender 2.8 have plugin already in itself, no need add. for 2.79 and below you need add GitHub - KhronosGroup/glTF: glTF – Runtime 3D Asset Delivery one.

one note: in blender 2.8 if you export .gltf animations, you need earlier go animation graph → T key → set linear to make it not crash in JME


Like how the nodes are created and linked for you.

Is animating any different in 2.8?

nope, animating is the same as i seen. im still learning new blender anyway.

Generally most things are the same except:

  1. UI
  2. Different rendering system
  3. Very nice material based on PBR material system i show video how i do it myself:

What is nice, when you do .gltf → .j3o via IDE it already have material.

but it dont look same as in blender. its similar.


I found it to be a pain in the ass to get it right in jme and still didnt like the results myself.

Must be some tricks not known to the rest of us.

Regarding animation, in recent days there were some bug fixes to animation exporting in gltf plugin. You may want to try the master branch.

i didnt made advanced animations, just did moving/rotating cubes alike.

what was the issues?

You can take a look at recently closed issues here:

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oh i thought you mean blender 2.8 issues.

hmm. there is already gltf plugin in blender 2.8. im curious if they update it often in blender or need update manually.

in blender this plugin is marked as 0.01 version xd

Yes, I know, but I think it does not get the updates automatically. In my case I removed it, and installed my own using the master branch of the add-on.

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i hope they already fixed all, since you told me about T → linear i was thinking everything was already working fine :slight_smile: