Animation starts after Mouse Released

Hi all,

i’ve an animation in 3D Model which should start when I press (or better click) a mouse button. When I press a mouse button the animation goes into the first position but starts only when I release the button.
Does anybody has an idea where my problem is?

Ok, that was my fault. I’ve set a variable at the wrong place and that was the result.

But another question: how can I testa “real” mouse click, so mouse button ist pressed AND released in a short time? Do I have to do this with an analogListener and then look at the passed time between this actions or is there an easier way?


Yeah, I’m trying to get an answer similar to this as well. I don’t currently know how to prevent the mouse clicks from registering over and over. I have another forum request open asking for information about setting up a MouseInputListener which would allow us to test whether a mouse button was down or up. I’ll let you know any info I find out.


With an action listener:

You get true for pressed and false for released. You can do click processing or whatever there. There is no built in “click” because it’s a fairly subjective thing.