Annoying Newbie!

Hello everone at the JME forum! Im looking for some help so if your in a christmas mood, maybe you just watched its a wonderful life and like Clarence the angel your trying to earn your wings! Anyway i like to think i can hold my own in general Java programming but unfortunatley i'm a complete novice when it comes to game development so hence this fantastic post! Lets take it that i know nothing, and now for some questions.

Ok to make my own game what do i need?

From what i've read on the back of ceral boxes i think i need

A- A Game Engine (And would you look at that JME and its written in Java and everything)

B- Some sort of graphics creation tool (The only one i have installed on my shiney laptop is Blender, will that do so character and level creation??)

C- My brain, unfortunately i only the one unlike Steve Martin in that really weird film.

Ok now unless i want to modify the Game Engine code (lets say i want to change the player movement input from, say a keyboard to a real world location system) should i compile the engine once i download it straight off??

Next if i a simplistic game loop like this:

while( user doesn't exit )

    check for user input

    run AI

    move frenemies

    resolve collisions

    draw graphics

    play sounds

end while

Is it only the AI part that i have to write, and if so, any  ideas what to write fot this part??

Next how would mess the Blender part(graphics n all that jazz) with the JME part to make a shiney new game??

ALso if im totally off the mark on how i think games are created could someone slap me and then if you have time point me in the right direction?

Any help would be appreciated, any guff would also be appreciated! (you could start by slagging me about the usage of the word guff!) 


Just kidding.  :smiley:

Blender wil do what you need it to do as long as you have the skills to do it… :wink:

Now, explain what you mean by real world location system…regardless I doubt that you'll need to recompile the engine anytime soon esp. given that you've never done any game creation before.  :slight_smile:

My general answer for the game loop is that you're writing it all yourself.  The engine just makes the job easier.

Next how would mess the Blender part(graphics n all that jazz) with the JME part to make a shiney new game??


I think that you should really just get started with some of the tutorials and get a basic feel for how the engine don't even have to write any code!

Just look at how it's structured and what not.  Then you can come back and ask more questions that are easier to answer.

I think all you need are a decent handle on java (or willingness to learn) and this

…should get you going in the right direction.

Also, consider using an IDE for your development.

From what he said he already has a decent handle on it.  It was just the game development aspect of it he needed help with.

Flag rush still isn't done… :cry:

Still it gives you a great start.

Heheh, actually reading the post one is responding to is a wonderful thing.

Why thank you lads and lassies (i can never tell who's a boy n who's a girl by reading names so i'll just thank both genders) for repling to my post!

Ok so create all the shiney graphics in blender and then do a little dance say the magic word (its not hocus pocus, Beth Midler was scarey in that film) and somehow import the Blener stuff into the game engnie part and bam, i have a brand new game! Bam! Bam! Bam! After i create the game loop that is!

Buiochas, mo Charai nua!

Oh yea the whole location system is just an idea to turn the game interactive, so real world movements of actual people are mapped into the game! Its only an idea!

before diving into the 3d export/import/use model hell i suggest you get at least some base of your gamelogic etc done with jME primitives like boxes etc. getting several things up and running simultaneously often results in severe mental breakdown :slight_smile:

welcome to the jME forum!!!  :smiley:

frostywinters said:

Why thank you lads and lassies (i can never tell who's a boy n who's a girl by reading names so i'll just thank both genders) for repling to my post!

Despite what you might have heard from certain other people on this forum, I'll clear the air and say that I'm NOT a female!!! (that's the last time I'm making that clarification this year).

With frogs, who can tell??

A very good point…you try to turn us over and we pee all over you…okay, that's a little embarrassing.  ://

I must admit I have problems understanding any of your questions. They remind me of my own questions 2-3 years ago when

I first started.

Depending on your talent and math skills (which are important, at least learn matrices and cos/sin and such) your looking at

some years of hard learning. Then comes the modelling part which is even worse for people like us who use the right side of our brain (or is the left ?).

Modelling itself is a vast area the size of programming I think (and to me its kind of boring which makes it even harder to learn).

A good thing would be to team up with some artists who can do all that cause you prop for sure never going to model Quake 4 graphics.

But yea I too think that the combination of Java-JME-Eclipse-Blender is all you ever will need and you can make any game this way.