Another .9 api change (easy)

The two opposing scene cull flags (setForceView and setForceCull) have been merged into a single int field called cullMode.  Inheritance and so forth works the same.  From the javadoc:

     * <code>setCullMode</code> sets how scene culling should work on this
     * spatial during drawing.
     * CULL_DYNAMIC: Determine via the defined Camera planes whether or not this
     * Spatial should be culled.
     * CULL_ALWAYS: Always throw away this object and any children during draw
     * commands.
     * CULL_NEVER: Never throw away this object (always draw it)
     * NOTE: You must set this AFTER attaching to a parent or it will be reset
     * with the parent's cullMode value.
     * @param cullMode
     *            one of CULL_DYNAMIC, CULL_ALWAYS or CULL_NEVER

So basically:

old way


new way


old way


new way


anything else would be:


PS: The default mode is CULL_DYNAMIC, so generally you won't have to deal with setting it at all.

looks like avery reasonable change. i think the old method was a little bit confusing.

Yes, definately for the better! :slight_smile:

One change in this as noted by Mojo in another thread.  There is now an additional mode: CULL_INHERIT.  This is the default mode now as well.  Basically it works like renderQueueMode…  It looks up the scenetree until it finds a non-inherit cullmode.  If no such ancestor is found, it uses CULL_DYNAMIC.