Another Post about FBX import, Mesh And Animations

Hi all i try to implement a toolchains using Blender in order to import fbx files (Mesh + Anim) and sadly i can’t get a good result. Im using Blender 2.69 and jmonkey 3.0.
Anyone implement something similar with good result??
thanks in advance…

blender 2.69 has a fbx loader, right?

What are the steps you followed?

For me it should be like, load the fbx in blender, then export it with ogre (bone animation are not properly working yet with the blender loader, but there is a lot of progress on this side lately).

Also once we package blender 2.69, there will probably be an easier way to import fbx directly from the sdk. But for now the fbx → blender → ogre → JME is the safer route IMO

Thanks for for replay Nehon, it seem like the blender importer for fbx file didn’t “understand” the animation from fbx file… :frowning:

It’s still experimental from what i gathered, maybe you can give your feedback to the blender team.

fbx importer is in blender 2.69.

But fbx exporter has been rewrighting GitHub - mont29/blender-io-fbx: temp repo to work on binary FBX export addon for Blender
it will be in new 2.7. Still wip.