Ant build broken / cvs question


Please give some insight to an ant/cvs-newbee.

The ant build from cvs is broken for me for about 3 days now.

Is this normal behavior or should it build ok at all times ?

If normal behave then how can i checkout the last stable (buildable) version ?



I hope it’s not normal, I noticed as well. You can fix it by deleting ‘’ and ‘’. Hopefully someone on the dev team will commit those deletions until those files compile, at least.

Well this is not the Error i have.

I get Errors like for example:

"jME/jme/src/com/jme/intersection/ [64] cannot resolve symbol

symbol : method intersection (com.jme.scene.BoundingVolume,com.jme.scene.BoundingVolume)"

which is not true because this method exists and i can compile com.jme.intersection.CollisionDetection in the ide.

So i assume an issue with the ant-script.



fadeInOut has been deleted since the morning

I just tried it myself and got the same errors. Thankfully, it’s easy to fix. Simply go to the directory where you’ve put jME and delete the /build folder. Run the Ant build script again and everything should work perfectly.

That did it.