ANT target=1.4 and Java 5

I am running Java 5. I tried adding the target="1.4" to my build files javac task but it says

target release 1.4 conflicts with default source release 1.5.

Is there an issue with targeting 1.4 with Java 5?

Update, it only gives this error message on jme’s build.xml. I can compile my own code with a 1.4 target just fine using my build script. Strange.

Fixed it by adding source="1.4" as well as the target attrib to the javac task.

Noted. I’ll make the fix to our build.xml (I could have sworn I did this earlier, shrug) when I get home (unless Renanse does it before then).

I hardly ever use the ant scripts myself when developing… plus mine has a few custom changes… So I’ll let you handle it when you get time.

Finally remembered to check this change in. :wink: