Ant -Version

Whenever I put  in the command ant -version in the command prompt to check if it's working, I get the error:

Unable to locate tools.jar.  Expected to find it in C:Program FilesJavajre6libtools.jar

FIX:  Just use Eclipse!

It would really be beneficial for you to go through some introductory tutorials before you delve any deeper…in order to keep from jumping out the nearest building when things get too complicated a solid foundation is required:

Actually, I'm just worried about the error message.  I'm reading some books (I have a stack laying on my bookshelf) about the basics.  My goal was to get some easy beginner level stuff to compile with JME so I could do some tests with it as I go along to get the feel for it.  Is the error really that basic?  I've never encountered it before until I tried to compile the JME source, so…

EDIT: It seems like I can compile the source through eclipse.  So, there is a way to skip the ANT part, as that seems to be giving me problems. There is also a way to do it through Netbeans.  Wow, that saves me a whole lot of trouble.

just use eclipse or netbeans, it makes your life so much easier :slight_smile:

Yeah, I ended up doing that last night, with some minor problems at the end with Netbeans.  I was kind of drowsy from some medicine I had taken so now that I am relatively awake, I have finished setting it up with Eclipse with no problems.  I actually just remembered that I was about to use jME a while ago and never really got started because of this stupid error.  Fortunately I realized my dumb little mistake this time.

For the benefit of those searching with similar issue in the future, this problem is due to either not having JAVA_HOME variable set, or having it set to a JRE installation instead of a JDK installation.  Ant compilation-related tasks require a Java development kit.