Any way to transform a svg shape into a 2d mesh?

As stated above.

I'm thinking of maybe making a simple map as background fro a Darklands style game. (i also bothered Kev in the slick forum if you're curious - but i discovered google warehouse in the mean time). I'm not decided yet on what api to use yet, but i deicided that using svg would take too much processing anyway. Probably transforming the svg in a 3d mesh would work better (and in the same way). And since slick can use opengl commands…

I wonder if i can move the camera with it.

Im actually trying to do the same in the long run, but somewhat more advanced and ive posed questions about it too. I havent made any progress though, but maybe you can get some information in the thread: Clicketyclick

The thread is about creating a tile from a set of x,y coordinates. I wanted to use SVG as an input format.

I think the short answer is that you cant do it now, but you could write your own perhaps. Im not a big guru on jME though.

You could try and see how much you can port from Slick: