Anybody has a snapshot of biomonkey around?

I would like to have a look at the biomonkey imposter stuff and tree/grass system. Can anybody provide me a snapshot of the last biomonkey ? (Or would the last forester code from the sdk contrib repository have that inside?)

You can install the forester plugin from the plugin repo (or download the jar or source in the contrib repo), that one works better with the existing terrain etc. Else the biomonkey repo is still up in googlecode but its unmaintained and has few to do with jme3. The BioMonkey/Forester developer left.

Yes, I just read about the incident a moment ago while following a stored link for later investigation. The biomonkey repo on google code gives my a login prompt on checkout, or viewing the web pages (do I need a google login for that?) well, guess I try to see what is left of the forester code…


I have the latest, if you’re still interested… ima start archiving and uploading it.

Here it is Dropbox - Error demo included.

@ghoust You might need to change the build path if you’re using eclipse…

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@Sethek thank you

you’re welcome.