Anybody know how to fix a Playstation 1?

Try taking the pictures from slightly further away and tap the screen so it focuses.

I still say a sledge hammer will solve all your problems

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It’s a little better, this is as good as it gets with my phone. And btw, it doesn’t have a focus feature at all. But the dried stuff is a bit more visible. For the RAM, it’s all over the underside of the chips.

Not yet. Before I hammer it, I’ll see what I can salvage.

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Perhaps just put it back together carefully, and try and sell it to your local thrift store, some idiot my come in and buy it thinking they are getting a bargain, only to get home and find it has no picture…

The whole reason for going there in the first place was to see what I could find to take apart. There is an SRAM chip on this PS1 that is actually very very helpful. It’s the exact chip I need for my 8 bit game console.

If you want to go the scam route, then do it the proper way: just after the “Playstation” logo, write a big “4”



I believe that already happened…

I believe that was what the smurf intended to point out :slight_smile:

Dammit. How did I not see that.

Yeah, they got me. But I was kind of expecting it to be broken. I mainly got it for parts anyway. It was only $3, i really don’t care.