Anyone for Ballblazer

Hi folks,

I’ve been working on a replica of my favourite game of all time. Ballblazer by Lucasfilm Games, specifically the one that ran on the Atari 8bit computers. Here’s a screenshot…

I’m stuck on the physics now, and want to make the source code available to one and all to seek contributors. The source for the game itself is here…

… and relies on a code library I’ve created here (a set of helpers/wrappers for JME 3.2 itself).

… this also relies on this project to integrate JME3 to Dyn4j (the physics lib)

As a side this project demo’s JME faces library with rewrites of the JME tutirials plus a few extras.

Please let me know if anyone is up for the challenge. I’ve read enough about Jacobian maticies to know I’m in deep trouble!!! :slight_smile:


PS> The docco might not be too good around this code, something I very much hope to improve over the course of time.


What sort of help are you seeking, specifically?

That’s a good point Steve!

The physics in the original were absolutely amazing when you consider it’s 8bit architecture. The best I’ve been able to come up with is to use a DIstanceJoint between Pod and Orb when the two are intertwined. This YouTube video [Atari 800 Ballblazer - YouTube] illustrates the crazy physics I’m looking to emulate. If/when you fire up the game you’ll see how far off I am. :slight_smile:

I’m passionate about this game and this might not be the best forum to get help. The whole thing is however based on JME3 (plus bells and whistles). Perhaps I’m looking for someone who’s equally wrapped on the original (like me) and who understands heavy duty physics simulation. Maybe I should reach out to the Dyn4J creator himself.

It certainly isn’t a two minute job to help me out here. However, if anyone out there has the passion to help reignite an old Atari retro hit that would be awesome. I would suggest there’d be a whole lot of good learning on the way.


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Hello again! :slight_smile:

I’ve completed the initial development of the game. It can be downloaded here JME Ballblazer

Here’s screenshot …

It was a massive slog, but perseverance came through in the end. I’m in awe of the work you JME custodians do - thank you so much.



Is there a website URL for Ballblazer, one we could add to our list of JME-powered games?

As of right now there isn’t… However, I’m wanting to use it as an educational piece eventually. I’ll attempt to knock up a page in due course and at that stage will get back with the details.

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