App Size

hey i have a very small app the assets folder is smaller than 3 mb
but on my phone the app is 45 mb tall is that usual??

a more complex app would be even bigger and i dont know if somebody would download my app if it were 500 mb tall

Make sure you don’t use jme test-data

mhm, i removed the test data libarary… but it didnt change the size at all…

Look in your libs folder. See how big it is and if you need everything in it…

@TripleS said: mhm, i removed the test data libarary
How did you do it?

properties/Libs/Remove library…

yeah the libs folder is that big!!
mhm, im not sure if i delete something wrong :D:D
but ill try

thanks for your anwers

Look in the manual under “Distribution->reduce distribution size”.