Apple Silicone, OpenAL and OpenGL issues

Some news, and partly success:

  1. jme works with the new LWJGL 3.3 build 8 (jme-lwjgl3) on Windows, OS-X (intel), Linux.
  2. However, the described problems with textured objects with Phong shading on Apple M1 are present.
  3. I did simplify the Lighting-Shader to make it really primitive, in principle, I just map the texture on the object with only ambient light, and this works!
  4. In my primitive shader, I removed all imports and used the older matrix vector multiplications with *.
  5. As renderer, LWJGL2 is switched on.
  6. The Shadow rendering works also without problems, btw.
  7. So the question is, what in the Phong shader causes the problems. I enclose here the OpenGL capabilities on an Apple M1, perhaps the better jme programmers have an idea what causes the problem.



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