Applet doesn't work

Hey everybody (happy newyears!!)

The web-applet doesn’t work and by that I mean my own one and the example applet.

I’ve tried the following scenario’s to get it to work (all of these are on Ubuntu 11.10):

IcedTea with 1.6.0 java: Doesn’t work on any browser, nor does other non-jmonkey applets seem to work.

IcedTea with 1.7.0 java: Same results on any browser.

(I’ve figured out that there is a problem with lwjgl and icedtea and they’re working on it)

Sun 1.7.0 web plugin: Starts the applet, but it randomly stops at one of the progress bars. Doesn’t matter what browser, it just doesn’t seem to load completely.

Sun 1.7.0_04 web plugin: I get an error stating the following:

“An error occurred while loading the applet. Please contact support to resolve the issue. This occured while ‘Checking version’”

It’s only the applet that doesn’t work. The desktop version works fine.

So what can I do to troubleshoot this, or make it work?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

Greetz Ertyui

Kick the ubuntu guys for prematurely replacing the sun jvm with openjdk I guess… Somehow they keep messing up java on ubuntu.

Yeah, I’m having quite a struggle getting java to work properly. But even after getting the latest sun jdk and setting up the web plugin to the newest version, manually by using this tutorial it still doesn’t seem to work.

Thanks for the help so far :slight_smile:

I know theres people running it successfully on linux so maybe someone can help you.