Application states VS custom controls

I’ve read the docs related, but i got lost. I can’t find the difference between them in a straight way. If I want to implement the AI, where I have to look?

from the AS tutorial:

“You, for example, could write an Artificial Intelligence AppState to control all your enemy units.”

and from CC tutorial:

“allows you to cleanly implement game logic, such as game rules, or artificially intelligent behaviour in NPCs.”

Could someone please help me?

Thanks a lot!

I think app states are to be used mostly for global game logic like deciding if its time for your game to end (for time limited stuff), or doing some global events. Controls are better suited for local things like programmatic animation of some objects or moving stuff.

For AI I think both approaches are good: if you want your opponents to think each by himself then I would go for control approach, else if you want them to think collectively or smth, app state would probably be better…


Yeah, what he said :slight_smile:

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