AppSettings question

I assume that if you would like to add screen resolution options, you would use:

[java]AppSettings.putString(String key, String value);[/java]

Is there a list of existing key pairs somewhere?

From the sources:


static {

defaults.put("Width", 640);

defaults.put("Height", 480);

defaults.put("BitsPerPixel", 24);

defaults.put("Frequency", 60);

defaults.put("DepthBits", 24);

defaults.put("StencilBits", 0);

defaults.put("Samples", 0);

defaults.put("Fullscreen", false);

defaults.put("Title", "jMonkey Engine 3.0");

defaults.put("Renderer", LWJGL_OPENGL2);

defaults.put("AudioRenderer", LWJGL_OPENAL);

defaults.put("DisableJoysticks", true);

defaults.put("UseInput", true);

defaults.put("VSync", false);

defaults.put("FrameRate", -1);

defaults.put("SettingsDialogImage", "/com/jme3/app/Monkey.png");

// defaults.put("Icons", null);



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Thanks… most appreciated.

My initial assumption was incorrect, unfortunately.

Does anyone know how to add alternate options to the screen resolution drop-down list?

The screen resolution list is all resolutions that are supported by the graphics configuration, even if you got others in there they would not work.

I would use lwjgl to list modes:




org.lwjgl.opengl.DisplayMode[] modes = org.lwjgl.opengl.Display.getAvailableDisplayModes();

for(org.lwjgl.opengl.DisplayMode mode : modes)


System.out.println("> "+mode.getWidth()+" "+mode.getHeight()+" "+ mode.getBitsPerPixel());


} catch (Exception e)