AppStates in SceneComposer


  1. Is there a way to know if we are in a fakeApp (in sceneComoser) or in real app?

  2. Are Post effects availables in sceneComposer (with the fakeApp)? I can’t succeed to add a bloom fpp while testing some shaders…

  1. Well you could use instanceof(SimpleApplication) but whats the intention?
  2. You can add post effects via the post effects explorer, just create a new post effect (fpp) file, open/edit it and press the post effects button on top of the OpenGL window.
  1. But FakeApp extends SimpleApp too…the goal is to load some things in the editor view but not in the game view. Debug shapes for example.
  2. Oh yes, i feel so stupid…forgot this one.
  1. Make that instanceof(MyApplicationThatExtendsSimpleApplication) then, but why don’t you just have separate AppStates for the debug then?

Cause i can’t. It’s a plug in, so something generic… i don’t have any app and i can’t know the future name of the app. no appStateManager too…
I just have a control, which will be attached somewhere…some day…and if i’m in sceneComposer i want the debugShape to be attached to the spatial for example and if i’m in game i don’t want to attach this debug shape.

You do have an AppStateManager in FakeApp…? And I meant making a separate AppState that you attach only in the SceneComposer (where you need it), like manually via the AppState Explorer.