[ARCADE] [ANDROID] Karma Siege

Karma Siege is a free game released on Play Store for Android.

The objective of the game is to dodge every fragment that’s going to hit your karmas (white and black). Game is simple yet not so easy as it seems because both karmas move synchronously and if any fragment hits one of them,well,that’s a game over.

I’ll implement global scores and more gamemodes soon.

[Play Store] (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aegroto.karmasiege)
Aptoide mirror
[Amazon AppStore] (https://www.amazon.it/aegroto-Karma-Siege/dp/B01L5YQMNS/)
[GetJar] (http://www.getjar.com/categories/all-games/arcade-games/Karma-Siege-899303)


Nice. I got a score of 72. That good or bad?

Also, what did you use for the simple UI. Just nifty for the text? Or something more basic?

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IDK what he used, but from my experience Nifty is not good for android. It causes quite big FPS drop…
So for just simple text I wouldn’t use nifty, but for more complex GUIs there is no much alternative except Lemur which I never tried yet.

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Never got a so high score myself,so i think it’s quite good.
I built the GUI system myself and still haven’t released it. I’ve never got an FPS drop using this in any application i built (i actually tested it on windows,linux and android).

EDIT:Karma Siege has been updated! Now you can share your scores with the world on with Google Play Leaderboards!

Hi, why does it need a Google Play Id? I couldn’t pass that screen.

You can press the return button to exit that screen.But the real question is,why don’t you have a google play ID and can’t you just create one? :smile:

Touching the back button doesn’t work in this game, however I could pass it by touching “Next” and then “Cancel”
I choose not to be tracked while playing simple offline games, thanks. Besides it used to require a G+ account which I don’t want to have (apparently not anymore).

You can play offline too,you just can’t submit your score.
EDIT:Karma Siege has been updated

-Implemented soundtrack system
-Implemented FX system
-Now you can buy Karmas in the shop with “gold”


Don’t suppose one could download the apk outside of Google Play? I didn’t agree to Google’s EULA so I can’t use Google Play.

I uploaded the game on many black markets but reviewing times are much longer than on google play. I’ll update the thread with alternative links when the game will get published on these stores.

EDIT:I’m gonna publish other links when the app will get published on other stores,Currently added:
Amazon AppStore.