Are you looking for skybox texture for your game's sky? so dig in here!

As you know when you go with skybox wizard in JME it ask you for six image to create your sky box. In this site you can find good textures :


Why thank you! All these skyboxes available as CC-BY, that’s amazing!

this is another site.
but i don’t know how to use them. if any body knows please tell.
I fund it in this video :
OpenGL 3D Game Tutorial 27: Skybox

there is also sth named SkyControl for jme take a look at it:hree
and this is a preview video : here
I found this thanks to : Ev1lbl0w

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That second site is from a modding community.
You have to stick the single images together to make your cubemap if you want to use it like the others.

However the license and source of these images is unclear.
Some of those files have the prefix “q3_” so I would assume they are ripped from Quake 3

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Hi friend
When you click on every image a zip file is beeing downloaded. inside the zip file there are 6 file with .tga format and and one with .shader format. Is .tga an image format? can jme3 load them?
what about .shader?

.shader are shaders in the format for the game “Urban Terror” (see their wiki here: Custom Map Makers Wiki)
You most like have to understand what the shader does and reproduce it with a jME material.
Although you probably can ignore them.

.tga are Targa Image files. An older image format that was used in times before hardware compression afaik. (before we had .dds and iOS wierd compression format)

It is still used today because it can be processed faster than .png (but slower than DXT5 compressed .dds afaik)

You can use Gimp or Photoshop to assemble the cubemap and jME (along with many other 3d engines) can load the image directly like it can load .png files.

For Windows you probably need a better image viewer, like IrfanView.

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Thanks my friend . You helped a lot.

The is also a lot of skybox in the “Space Engineer” modding community : here for exemaple

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Awesome. Really Really fantastic. I really appreciate you. thanks.
the format is .dds and you can easily load to jme by this code:
Spatial sky = SkyFactory.createSky( assetManager,“Textures/Sky/Bright/”, false);
Instead of “Textures/Sky/Bright/” put yours.

Remember that when something has no license, the more restrictive copyright is applied.

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