Asset Browser for SDK - a first look

Update: Release Assetbrowser Prerelease · jMonkeyEngine/sdk · GitHub

But what is the asset browser?

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Sorry for the lack-luster video. I should have finished this a long time ago.

In short:

  • Visual overview of all assets in a project (+ dependencies)
  • Filtering of said assets
  • Double click to load asset
  • Drag and drop textures → materials
  • Drag and drop materials → spatials
  • Drag and drop spatials → scenes

How does it work?
It creates a folder named .assetbrowser in your project folder, then tries to create thumbnails for all assets and place them there. Mostly useful for textures and materials.

There will be bugs - Testing much appreciated (but you need to build from source for now).


you need to build from source

And how would I acquire the source?

That would be here:

(Just to be clear: To build it you also need to build the entire sdk)

But we’ll look into if it’s possible to build a special version with this PR, just for testing.

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Very cool! I like it! :star_struck:

Nice!I suggest whether options similar to Windows large icons, small icons, etc. should be provided. What I cannot accept most about the current SceneEditor is that the icons are too large and therefore look a little clumsy…

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I’ll look into it, but I don’t think it’s natively supported and might be a bit of a hassle to implement.

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There is now a prebuilt version of the SDK with the Assetbrowser available. Check the original post for link.


Thank you for maintaining the SDK. It really looks like a visual editor now. I’m also learning to develop plugins for NetBeans, just that the learning is relatively slow…

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