Asset folder not exported

Hi guys,
I am using JME 3.1.
Using the SDK my game is running without problems but when I try to clean and build the project I get the message that the assets folder is not copied because it’s a folder and when I try to launch the jar after building it it crashes with an AssetNotFoundException (because the assets were not exported). All assets I use are in the assets folder in the SDK and they are nowhere in the exported folder. I can’t remember having any problems with this before, maybe I did something wrong with moving my project to 3.1? Or did I mess up the settings somewhere?

First of all if you started the project in 3.0 best make a new project and copy your src and assets folders to that new project. Second, don’t import any folders or projects through the libraries tab.

I did move my project that way before, now I just removed everything from the assets folder and put it back in. Now it works. Strange stuff.
Thank you anyway :slight_smile: