Assets in netbeans


Trying to load a bitmap font (according to This tutorial up to step 3 using arial and using the code from This sample code), in netbeans this error comes out:

Cannot locate resource: Interface/Fonts/Arial16.fnt

And my code is this:

[java]BitmapFont fnt = assetManager.loadFont(“Interface/Fonts/Arial16.fnt”);[/java]

And I have the assets directory structure just as any JMonkeyPlatform project but it just doesn’t work, I’ve tried using relative and absolute paths but no luck.

But that doesn’t solve the problem, I checked out the JMonkeyPlatform project settings but in netbeans there isn’t any configuration option such as assets, so I guess there’s some additional project configuration in netbeans for it to work, but I just can’t guess which one.

Note: I’m the guy that has that nasty jmonkeyplatform problem so I’m using netbeans while it’s solved so changing platform isn’t an option.

Thanks a lot

You have to add the assets folder to the classpath. Go to your project libraries section and add assets as a folder

Thanks!, that was it.