Attachment of Audionode.class

The source attachment does not contain the source for the file Audionode.class.

I get this message when i run Java Code. What should i do and how. Very thanks.

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Attach sources to the jMonkey libs…?

What are you using? jME SDK? Custom jME build? Give more info.

i use Eclipse and i want use functions from class Audionode (in JM3). How can i attach this class to Eclipse

You need to attach sources. Go the project settings, and under the libs secction (you probably had to add them but I don’t know), attach the sources.jar file to each corresponding jmonkey lib.

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how can i convert the file from .Java to ,jar

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You’re not understanding.

I don’t know what version of jME you’re using, but the libs related to jme should have a naming like this:

jme3-core.jar;jme3-bullet-3.X.X-SNAPSHOT.jar, or whatever.

You probably have, along those files, files with the same name but with -javadoc and/or -sources alongside the name. Those are the sources/javadoc you need to attach to the libs in your project config so the IDE can show you the source code, javadoc, etc…

If, however, you don’t understand anything what I’m saying, you probably need way more experience with Java in general before dwelving into jMonkey


i use JM 3.2.1. Yes i am. Thanks very much i understand it but i am biginner in JMonkeyEngine and Maybe in Java too. but i tried what you explained but i didnt get any result.

i have those files. Do you know which one is or has " //import;"

and this one in Lib

So you are a beginner in Java and jME… but you try to start from a hard direction instead of just using the SDK?

There are Eclipse users here so hopefully they will be able to help you. (I avoid Eclipse like I avoid dental work, personally.) But you are still starting from the harder direction.

2 Likes is in jme3-core-xxxx.jar

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How can i get this file can you please exp
lain.Thanks alot

Step 1: download the JME SDK
Step 2: use that instead of Eclipse

…wait until you understand more before you try to do everything the hardest way.

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yes i have installed but i run program with eclipse which is wrote in JME3 and i need jar files for Audiorender and Audionode to attache it in Eclipse so i can control volume

thanks very much for your help. I love java language and my dream is to be software engineer

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thanks very much.

thanks all my friend you are very awesome.

Thanks very much i was very tired and i didnot understood i was exhausted . i tried jme3-core3.2.1stable-sources. and this was very ok