Augmented reality library for JMonkey and Android

Hi, guys. I’m here again to ask for your wisdom and knowledge. :slight_smile:
I dig in the forum looking for similar topics to this one, but what I found is pretty old (2016 the newest). Is augmented reality still a possibility in JMonkey with Android?.
If so, what’s the recommended library?.
I tried to set the category to Android, but the forum didn’t allow me :frowning:

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I reply to myself. I have found a book about JM3 and augmented reality using Vuforia. I’ll post my conclusions here once I finish


As I promised, my first findings:
the book contains some good examples and an example code to start setting the camera and JMonkey together. The explanations and examples are fine if you don’t know anything about augmented reality.
I was able to set up my first example (an horror one XD) with a skull and the android camera.
I have to say the examples there are quite old (2013) and the API to control the Android camera has changed to camera2 therefore the examples need to be updated to use that API.
Furthermore, the book is a good choice to start from. :slight_smile:
Next step: using a library to detect objects.


Following with the investigation, I moved from Vuforia for mainly two reasons:
Vuforia is not free at all and it uses arcore behind the scenes (not the most updated version of it).
So, I moved to javacv. I did some tests and it seems i can use it with good results. I hope to show you some pieces “soon”.


That sounds very cool. I think people would love to see some code examples once you have it working.