(August 2023) Monthly WIP Screenshot Thread

js Monkey Engine ?




But how?

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want to see the secret behind the magic.

Are you using something like TeaVM?

@bloodwalker is correct.
This is basically a subset of jmonkey ported to webgl2, webaudio and ammojs for physics, and compiled using teavm. I’ll share more details later once I’ve sorted out some major issues.

But for now, here’s the TestPostWater demo browserified:


(it’s a bit slow to load…)


I am working on some material for when Depthris gets released, I managed to make the letters out of the blocks by using my construction of the 3d pieces from data.


I like the title made out of blocks. Very thematic. :grinning:

The blocks have some faces that are completely black, as if they were in an interrogation room or something. Is that on purpose?

still playing with lighting to get the best shot. My first task was to get the letters and symbol and then work on the lighting (probably an effect too)

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@RiccardoBlb Looks nice, have you tried GWT, I think libgdx uses GWT.

Thanks, I think teavm is more suited for this specific use case and for the way jme is structured, and it supports “simulated” multithreading and reflection out of the box.


This is the best thing I have seen in jME for a long time.
Very well done and please don’t stop with this project.
Getting jME on a web page is such an awesome achievement.
I remember the days when I could just build my jME app/game as an applet and throw it on a web page.


In this video I have setup a simple targeting system for characters.
There are two characters each with there own behavior brain. The one character is faster than the other.
The mission for each character is setup to chase the nearest food to him.
Once it reaches the food it can collect and then randomly play an animation after which it chases the next food source.
There was no coding involved in this and everything is setup with my visual editor: Envision3D.


I changed the Intro scene to include the block letters


Was looking around the village but couldn’t see anyone around!


Wondering what happened!? :thinking:


And suddenly noticed everyone went to buy grain!

Perhaps there is a famine on the way!! :sweat_smile:

Taken to the logical conclusion: Seems my first NPC AI test sucks :see_no_evil:


Hehe, maybe they are all hungry.


Hmm, I have not added the “hunger” mechanics yet! Perhaps they have learned it by instinct :laughing:


all vegans


Perhaps the title Depthris could use the blocks you have ingame, different colours so its clear what blocks make up the letters?

I’m working on a library for generating random lightning strikes (and other similar lightning effects) using billboarding with a procedurally generated mesh.

Here’s a short clip showing my progress so far, right now its just generating single-segment lightning bolts with a thunder sound:

(still trying to trace down a bug causing some of the billboarding to break at the end of long bolts, but I’m hoping its just a minor mistake I made as a result of working late into the night when I should have gone to bed and waited until I was more awake to continue)

Next step is to add the secondary (and tertiary) bolts coming out of the main bolt so it looks more like lightning, and then I also need to work more on the shader so it supports noise and some other effects. I’m also thinking of making a screen filter to make the scene flash as well, or maybe flash the ambient light to be really bright momentarily for nearby players… but I’m still in the brainstorming phase on that part.

And most importantly, this lightning library is small and contained enough that I’ve been able to write it as a standalone library off the bat, so I can easily open source it, and I plan to have an early alpha version available in the near future. So I hope that some other jme users will find this useful and can provide feedback (and maybe even some enhancements!) when that time comes :slightly_smiling_face: