Aumentar velocidad de objetos

Hola… Alguna idea de como dar velocidad a objetos. Mejor dicho que aumente la velocidad al apretar una tecla y al soltarla que vuelva a su estado inicial…? :sweat_smile:

Google translate :

Hello … Some idea of ​​how to speed objects. Or rather to increase the speed by pressing a key and releasing it to return to its initial state …?

So Paul referencing the beginners guide was the right thing to do.

Yeah, I google translated it, too, before posting.

I suspect the author will have trouble with English tutorials but then the help here will spotty anyway.

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Depende del “objeto”.
Para los personajes en general se usa CharacterControl o BetterCharacterControl, si es para vehículos usa VehicleControl.
Para programar eventos de teclado usa la interfaz ActionListener de com.jme3.input.controls.ActionListener.

It depends on the object.
For characters use CharacterControl or BetterCharacterControl, if it’s a vehicle use VehicleControl.
To move it by keyboard events use ActionListener from com.jme3.input.controls.ActionListener.


I think the ideal is that the original poster (OP) tried to make an effort to write / read in English. Besides that it would be good for him (and more in this world), is important to maintain the language of the forum with a single language (imagine everyone writing in their language, you would stop using the forum).

Creo que lo ideal es que el autor original (OP) del post intente hacer un esfuerzo por escribir/leer en inglés. Además de que le vendría bien (y más en este mundillo), es importante mantener el idioma del foro unificado a nivel lingüístico (imagínate que cada cual escribiera en su idioma, enseguida dejarías de usar el foro).

If I write the response in both languages is ok then?

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Regardless, if he does the tutorials then he will have all of the answers to this and the next 50 questions he will have.

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