Bang! Howdy

Howdy all,

We're finally announcing our new game (which is being built with JME) and though there aren't any exciting screen shots up on the site yet, at least it explains what the game is all about and you can see some of the cool character models:

We'll get some screenshots up there as soon as I get around to writing the terrain code. :slight_smile:

Intereseting payment system :).

It's like Christmas. Looks very promising.

This game looks very profesional.

Can't wait to try it out and see what you can do with jME.

The graphics looks very good. You must have one hell of a

graphics artist. He knows his job!!! :smiley:

all i can say is wow…this is the best thing i can think of happening to jme.

people will take it way more seriously when they can see a full on game using it.

also im hugely interested to see how jme handles the rts paradigm as that is the kind of game<br /> i myself would eventually like to work on.<br /> <br /> is there any chance youll release some of the code like you guys have with some other projects?


really good artwork…    :slight_smile:

Regarding the art, thanks! I’ll pass the compliments on to our two artists.

As for releasing the code, we will endeavor to keep as much as possible factored into our reusable libraries and all of that code will be released as open source in the Narya library (

:-o wow

You got mentioned in my favorite online rag The Inquirer!!

And they seem to be quit positive about the idea too.

Maybe not the biggest in terms of readers (though still seriously huge), this is one of the leading IT related news sites. Well anyone who would seriosuly follow the consumer hardware news would know that already :slight_smile:

Any other big mentions in the press yet?

Those screen shots need to fined there way to the jme home page.


yaaaaaaaay! the game was released on the 1st of December. :slight_smile:

3rings has given us permission to use those screenshots, so expect to see them up on the maiin site under a commercial apps section sometime soon.